Our Granddaughter Chloe Alohna Campbell


Chloe Expressing Herself

Short Film of Chloe's First Day

Chloe's Web Page

Born - October 6, 2008


Pre-Chloe by One Week


Pre-Chloe by One Week Also

Chloe is on the Way


Priscilla Offering Courage to DeAnne

Big Sister BreAnne In Waiting


Newborn Chloe


Newborn Chloe


DeAnne and Her New Baby Chloe


DeAnne & Her Nurse


Leaving the Hospital


Big Sister BreAnne


BreAnne Gives Chloe a Bottle


Chloe Opens Her Eyes


David Feeds Chloe for the 1st Time


Great Grandmother Ellen with Chloe


Great Grandmother Ellen with Chloe on Halloween 2008


BreAnne & Chloe on Halloween 2008


Chloe All Dressed Up for Halloween 2008