Priscilla Whorton Morris, DDS

Tracking Our Time Together


by Marvin Morris Husband for Over 40 Years

Brother Carl & Baby Priscilla Anne Whorton


Brother Carl & Baby Priscilla Anne Whorton


No You Didn't Include This One


Priscilla and Pierre


Priscilla at Her Dad's Boat at 13 Years Old


Priscilla & James Arness of Gunsmoke

Priscilla and Her Cheerleading Squad 1965

Off to School in 1966


Nice Catch and the Fish is Nice Also


All Dressed Up for 9th Grade Prom


Visiting Alabama Christmas 1967


Visiting Marvin's Granparents in 1968


Headed for the Dance in 1967


Beside Our Mustang in 1967 at Priscilla's Home


Headed to the Prom


Headed out on a Date in the 60's


At Priscilla's Dad's Home on Clear Lake in 1966


Priscilla and Judy on Our Boat at Lake Somerville


In Galveston in the 60's


Priscilla and Her Future and Present Mother-in-Law Ellen Morris


Looking Good with the New Hairdo


Priscilla Wearing Marvin's Senior Ring


Picture Perfect


Modeling in Black & White


Marvin's Favorite Picture


Poodle Costume Looking Good


Priscilla in Hawaii


Priscilla & Her Dad Johnny Whorton


Another of Many Awards


Camping Out At Garner State Park


Eight Months Pregnant with DeAnne in 1975


Party Time in the 70's


Priscilla & Shea in the Early 80's


Skiing with Shea in the 70's


Priscilla in London with a Beefeater


Right After Priscilla Almost Drowned in Hawaii (Not)


Just Wow - What a Great Looking Gal


Back in Hawaii


On the Beach in the Bahamas


Priscilla & Shea in the Mid 70's


Christmas Party in the Early 70's


Traveling in New Orleans


Beta Sigma Phi Sweetheart in 1974


Priscilla & Sister-in-Law Kay Morris Smith at High School Reunion


Dancing with the Sweetheart of Beta Sigma Phi in the 90's